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The Electric Lunchbox Series

The Electric Lunchbox series consists of the Luxolite, Bottle Rocket and Li’l Prince – three conveniently sized tube heads rated at 15 to 17 Watts of power. Despite their small footprint, don’t mistake these as being appropriate only for the studio or home use. All three feature a pair of 6V6 power tubes in “push-pull” operation to provide a variety of juicy tone that will easily cut through the mix in a band setting.

Having a matched pair of 6V6 power tubes as well as two more preamp tubes is where the similarities among these three heads ends. Each member of the Electric Lunchbox family has a unique voice and character all its own.

Click on the amps below to read more. Each product page contains a fantastic video featuring all three amps, each being used with a variety of guitars to highlight their versatility and many strengths.

The Luxolite

If you’re a fan of that raw American overdrive dating back to the 1950’s then you’ll love plugging in to a Luxolite. Featuring two uniquely voiced channels and a simple tone control, you’ve got a no nonsense classic blues/rock machine that allows the character of your guitar to shine through and responds nicely to subtle changes in the guitar’s volume and tone combinations as well as the player’s picking attack.

The Bottle Rocket

The Bottle Rocket will be your go to amp for the finest in classic British rock tones. The combination of Gain and Volume controls allow for very nice cleans, but lean on either of these very heavily and you’ll be rewarded with a nice combination of preamp and power tube overdrive – no pedals required. The Treble and Bass controls provide plenty of frequency response control allowing the Bottle Rocket to pair up with most any guitar with fabulous results

The Li’l Prince

The Li’l Prince is a very versatile amp from it’s wonderful shimmering cleans to plenty of 50’s and 60’s style American overdrive. The Volume, Raw and Drive control settings all greatly affect the gain structure providing lots of versatility. If you have a nice collection of overdrive and boost pedals that you like to add between your guitar and amp, the Li’l Prince will play with them very nicely.


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