About Haas Amplification

How and Where We Make Our Custom Hand-Built Amps

Who We Are

John HaasHaas Amps has been building amps since 2007. Haas Amps is primarily the work of me, John Haas. When it comes time to fine-tune the designs, I rely heavily on my good friend André Maquera. André is the proprietor of West Street Digital Productions in Fairfield, VT. He is a Grammy nominated producer, and sound engineer as well as a very talented guitar player. André can be seen and heard in the Electric Lunchbox demo video.

I am also a “weekend warrior” playing guitar and singing about 30 gigs a year in a couple of local bar bands, and I of course “eat my own dog food” testing all the designs in a band setting, whereas André puts them “under the microscope” in a studio setting.

Our Philosophy

My goal as a builder is to produce the best possible tube guitar amp possible using top quality components chosen specifically for the role they play in the circuit. While leveraging the classic designs of the past, I don’t hesitate to take advantage of advances in circuit design proven over the years to improve the reliability, sensitivity or responsiveness of the circuit as long as these do not detract from the tone. Achieving the best possible tone is my top priority.

My amps are very special to me and I take it very seriously when a fellow musician trusts in my products to deliver the goods for them on stage or in the studio. After all, I’m the one that puts the soldering iron and the solder to every last electrical connection in the amp, and I take great care to insure that the build quality is top notch.

I hope you’ll consider trying my amps to see if one of them might possibly advance your quest for your ultimate tone.


-John Haas
Haas Amplification
Underhill, VT 05489
Phone: 802-324-8631

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Haas Amps made?

All amps are assembled and wired, and all cabs are built and covered in the same shop in Underhill, Vermont.

Do you sell direct?

Yes we do, and everything ships for free within the continental US. Our site is fully eCommerce enabled, so check out the products, add to cart and checkout using PayPal. If you have additional questions or would like to arrange another means of payment, please contact us.

Where can I buy Haas Amps?

You can buy our amps in our online store and also at our shop on Reverb.com

Do you build custom amps?

Yes, that’s how we started – custom one-off builds meeting the customer’s stated needs. Over the years we’ve gotten very good at working with the customer to match their wants and needs with the right circuit and custom finish, providing them with a one-of-a-kind amp they are extremely happy with. If you feel you’d like to explore this option, please contact us.

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